Let’s be honest, All Time Low know their way round a good old fashioned banger. Eight albums in and they’ve got the art-form down to refined, well-trained muscle memory. There’s nothing tired or boring about crafting unifying songs that stand as tall as mountains; in many ways, ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’ is a band at the very top of their overcrowded class.

Yes, the salt to their smooth caramel may remains the same – through tales of love, heartbreak and a yearning for more, those genre rules apply – but once All Time Low let rip, those thick painted lines only serve to strengthen the picture the aim to paint. The choruses remain huge; ‘Sleeping In’ and its concentrated saccharine shot a particular treat. As ‘Melancholy Kaleidoscope’ proudly states; “can’t be 100 if you’re only giving 95.”

Living in the fast lane, All Time Low may be a much bigger, more mainstream-friendly band than ever before, but they’re still having a riot.

author: Stephen Ackroyd

source: https://www.upsetmagazine.com/reviews/all-time-low-wake-up-sunshine

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