All Time Low are at a crossroads. The band are finally operating on the sort of scale they’ve always hinted at, selling out arenas and headlining big stages at festivals but the pure-pop-punk that defined their early years has become diffused of late. Eyes on the window, ATL were getting restless. They wanted something larger, broader and with more scope.

And so they came up with ‘Last Young Renegades’. With central characters, a weaving tale and fierce focus, All Time Low have taken the leap to being more than they’ve dared before.

The title track replaces the bubblegum and fizzy pop with whiskey, warmth and an open invitation to explore the world that follows while ‘Life Of The Party’ dances on its own, soundtracked with electro-twitches and a heavy eighties funk. The slow-burning ‘Dirty Laundry’, forward facing but introspective, carries its weight comfortably before the all-out joy of ‘Ground Control’ sees the band reach gleeful and carefree new heights.

While the ‘Last Young Renegades’ fight to find a place in the world, All Time Low have simply made their own. Bold and distinctly different, it’s still littered with moments of charm and sees the band put their very best foot forward.

author: Ali Shutler


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