Pop-punk has always been a genre spawning favourites for young teens everywhere; Fall Out Boy, Paramore, You Me At Six, the list goes on. Now the torch has been passed onwards to a new group on young hopefuls, All Time Low. Their next full-length ‘Nothing Personal’ is sure to be an album played in bedrooms across the world, and force young girls and boys to plaster their walls with posters of the 4-piece.

Much like albums release by the other popular bands mentioned earlier, ‘Nothing Personal’ follows your classic predictable blueprint when it comes to mainstream pop-punk albums. You’ve got the overly catchy hooks and chorus lines, simple guitar chord progressions, and lyrics about growing up and relationships. First single ‘Weightless’ has already obtained heavy rotation on music channels and radio stations, and opening the album pretty much sets the scene for what else is to come for the remaining 11 other songs. The spiteful relationship ridden ‘Break Your Little Heart’, the slightly alcohol themed ‘Stella’, and Home Alone inspired ‘Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal’ all live and breathe your classic pop-punk forumla of radio-friendly upbeat hits. This however is what brings the record down a bit, offering only the expected and nothing new or fresh makes ‘Nothing Personal’ lacking of what could bring the album out from just your same old run of the mill teen angst collection of songs. Closer ‘Therapy’ is the only breath of fresh air throughout, and comes across as just an album-filler that’s just of place and slightly unfinished.

Even with all that said, All Time Low will have still undoubtedly created what will be the album for summer of 2010. They’re gonna have to mix things up in the future though to avoid getting caught in the shuffle of other wannabes.

author: Zach Redrup

source: https://www.deadpress.co.uk/album-all-time-low-nothing-personal/