The well established pop-punk boys of All Time Low are keen to build on their return to form with last album ‘Don’t Panic’ with just a year and a half passing since the extended version of this release dropped the Maryland based quartet have brought out their fifth full-length album, entitled ‘Future Hearts’. With fans lapping up everything other than the blip that was ‘Dirty Work’, All Time Low can really capitalise on their position in the music scene with this new release.

Opening number ‘Satellite’ sets this album apart from all other releases in that this introduction is much slower paced and somewhat subdued, but frontman Alex Gaskarth‘s confidence and vocal ability has significantly improved, and this really shines through. The band quickly return to their fantastically catchy pop-punk roots with tracks such as ‘Kicking And Screaming’ and lead single, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’.

The only problem with this is that occasionally this format becomes too familiar and a little drab. Tracks like ‘Cinderblock Garden’ and later number ‘Bail Me Out’ which, despite featuring Good Charlotte‘s Joel Madden, still falls flat. This is only made more frustrating by the fact that everyone is aware that All Time Low can bring out some of the most infectious songs in the music scene.

The main highlight of this album is the growth you can see in the band’s music, not being content churning out a record full of pop-punk numbers that would no doubt be popular. The boys turn their hand a few calmer numbers in the form of the acoustic lead ‘Missing You’ and a truly top performance on ‘Tidal Waves’ which features a performance from Blink-182 pop-punk legend, Mark Hoppus. The band do provide a gem of a pop-punk number in the form of ‘Dancing With A Wolf’, being a touch heavier than they’re used to, it shows that the band are still growing creatively and when they come together they can make some top music.

‘Old Scars/Future Hearts’ rounds off this album on a very strong note, with a raucous chant that leaves a solid lasting impression on the listener. ‘Future Hearts’ is a solid record from the boys of All Time Low. There are some underwhelming moments, but on the whole the new directions the band are heading in are exciting enough to overshadow this. This will no doubt be yet another highly successful record for the pop-punk quartet.

author: Jon Barlow