All Time Low are really working hard to shake off the bad press they received for their last full-length release, ‘Dirty Work’. Not only have they upped their game with new album, ‘Don’t Panic’, but they’ve now extended this release to include some new hits, mellower numbers and some acoustic versions of album favourites. It really proves that All Time Low acknowledge the problem they had with ‘Dirty Work’ and are working hard to win back their fans.

Rather than just tagging some tracks to the end of the record, All Time Low have successfully fitted them into the album itself, as shown by first new track, ‘A Love Like War’. Its fast-paced nature allows it to fit seamlessly into the record with fellow new track, ‘Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted)’. Bringing something new to the table, All Time Low have created a more emotional track in ‘Oh, Calamity!’ which adds a nice change of pace to the record and injects some depth to it, which is a nice change for a band known for their somewhat more immature nature, especially during live performances.

As is expected with extended albums, there are some acoustic versions of popular tracks such as ‘The Reckless And The Brave’ and ‘Somewhere In Neverland’. Whilst these aren’t anything mind-blowing, the inclusion of a violin manages to successfully set them apart from every other pop-punk band who do a few acoustic numbers to melt the hearts of their fan girls.

Overall, All Time Low really have demonstrated that they’re back to their previous form and that any evidence to the contrary was just a minor blip, maybe due to the major label signing. If their next record continues this improvement, then this band could easily recapture the heights of success they were enjoying. Don’t panic, All Time Low are back!

author: Jonathon Barlow