All Time Low’s latest, Don’t Panic marks a number of returns for the band. They get to return to writing music without being forced to do a bunch of co-writing. They get to return to long-time label partners Hopeless Records and they get to work with producer Mike Green again. The result is one of All Time Low’s best albums.

Don’t Panic is cool for a number of reasons but the first has got to be the variety of songs. Best of all, there are three solid songs that aren’t pop punk, they’re just- punk. And for what it’s worth, Alex Gaskarth and co. kick ass playing punk music. In addition to that, there’s the All Time Low music that we’ve grown accustomed to over the past few albums, and some of the songs of the songs are better than ever. Namely, “For Baltimore” and “Somewhere in Neverland”; those two tracks go into the pile of classic All Time Low songs.

Don’t Panic is a nice new album from All Time Low. Mike Green’s production is awesome, the song writing is back to the original All Time Low formula, and nothing about the record feels forced. It’s a solid push back in the right direction for a band that needed it.

author: Alternative addiction